I help medium to large size enterprises scale their paid digital marketing programs strategically using better data systems.

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Hi, I'm Jenna.

I write about marketing, data, startups and more.

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Empower your marketing team with a technical bridge to success. How I can support:


Marketing teams are good at marketing, but beyond that, they often need help bridging the technical gap for better and smarter marketing. Bring together your marketing department and your data science and/or web operations teams with a technical marketing specialist. I help you organize, learn & make strategic decisions from your marketing data. Examples of how I can help:
  • Create processes for data intake, storage and learning.
  • Implement proper tracking tags and triggers in Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Create naming convention for campaigns across platforms and roll out streamlined UTM parameters.
  • Solve complex tracking problems across customer journey and touch points for all leads and/or sales.
  • Contribute & work with departments to pull valuable reports (acquisition & LTV) by campaign/source/etc.
  • Cost to value tracking & reporting - Where are we spending money? Are we seeing return on campaigns?
  • Set up CRM (Hubspot / Salesforce / ect.) Integration with search platforms for customer journey tracking.
  • Set up for Enhanced Conversions, Cross Domain Tracking, and Dynamic Remarketing.


If your business or marketing team is in need of an audit, change or opportunity improvement, I can advise. Have someone your team can rely on to bounce ideas off of, create processes, and guide with a data-driven methodical approach. Examples of how I can help:
  • Audience identification & segmentation. (Personas + Ideal Customer Profiles).
  • Support with marketing budget development & strategic allocation planning.
  • Define lead stages and lead scoring.
  • Audit + improve marketing -> sales collaboration. Guidance for better lead nurturing.
  • Guidance on AI implementation to improve efficiency and save on costs.
  • Guidance around search engine marketing, email marketing, SEO & content, PR, and referral efforts.
  • Conversion rate improvement analysis.
  • A/B and multivariate testing recommendations.
  • Recommendations on UX best practices and opportunity scoping for improvement.

Hear from a consulting client of mine:

“I met Jenna when I was seeking an agency to provide an independent audit of our paid media practices and performance. We selected Jenna because of her strong command of paid search and because of her approach in the evaluation stage; where other agencies sought to confuse and overwhelm to get us to outsource the function, Jenna operated like a true partner from the first conversation.   Bringing Jenna in to support our team development has been a dream come true. She works as an extension of our team. She’s deeply invested in the success of our programs and the success of our team members. She is brilliant, driven, inquisitive, and has the heart of a teacher. I am so thankful to work with her and cannot recommend her highly enough”

Jane Snyder

Chief Marketing Officer
TimeClock Plus

My resume

My passion is marketing, startups & helping businesses grow.

DDM Generation
Mar 2019 - Present · 4 yrs 11 mos

Founded a digital marketing company powered by data, specializing in search engine marketing and marketing data management. Visit DDM Generation site ->

Head of Global Marketing
Aug 2019 - Aug 2022 · 3 yrs 1 mo

Lead the marketing for Avatour, which grew from a team of less of 5 to 25 and raised $2.9 million seed round in 2 years.

Senior Marketing Manager
Oct 2017 - Dec 2018 · 1 yr 3 mos

Launched new customer acquisition campaigns for Slice and the network of over 10,000+ pizzerias. Helped team reach acquisition goals.
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